EUBREAST Network is excited to present the EUBREAST Network Educational Program.

The program is free-of charge and CME accredited.

Moderated by Prof Thorsten Kuehn and Dr Oreste Gentilini.

We are grateful to our sponsors, MSD and Exact Sciences, for their unconditional support.

Interdisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Primary Systemic Therapy: What Surgeons Need to Know

Primary systemic therapy as a "surgical tool" by Dr. Oreste D Gentilini

Imaging and prediction of response during neoadjuvant treatment by Dr. Petra Steyerová

Irradiate or not irradiate: dilemma after neoadjuvant treatment by Dr. Orit Kaidar-Person

Immunotherapy: what the surgeon needs to know by Prof. Giuseppe Curigliano

Pathology makes the difference: requirements in the context of neoadjuvant treatment by Prof Giuseppe Viale